Introducing Protect Life

The story so far
Statement on Rescues

Rescues & The Law

Why is protecting life a crime?
Who should intervene?
Democracy, Christianity & Abortion
The Law, Double Standards & Abortion

Rescues & Rights

Don’t we have to respect the woman’s rights?
Nightmare on Campbell St.

Rescues – Objections

Are “rescues” acts of rebellion?
Being in jail – isn’t it just a waste of time?
But the cost is just too high!
How certain do we have to be?
But rescues don’t work
Do Rescues add to the problem?

Rescues – Our Response

If I could I would, but I can’t so I don’t
Why I am blocking the doors of abortion clinics
Should violence be used to stop abortion?
The bridge is down, but…
Why don’t we intervene?
Can Christians ‘live with’ abortion?
Life saving, but not in the sea
Why do we care so little about abortion?

Rescues & The Cost

In for Life

Rescues & Society

Auschwitz in the suburbs
On learning to live with evil


What has viability got to do with it?
To Pay or Not To Pay
Dependancy, Private Property and Abortion
Should men be silent about abortion?
Are we winning yet?

Other Authors

Is Rescuing Right? – Randy Alcorn